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With living in such a fast paced world, affordable & accessible access to mental health is more important than ever! Each workbook delivers therapeutic skills and lessons that you can download straight to your computer, tablet, or phone that's budget-friendly and take anywhere with you. Each workbook includes 20-30+ pages filled with therapeutic tools, strategies, skills, and exercises to support your independent learning. Level up your mental health with down-to-earth professional guidance from a relatable therapist. 

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This guide is for taking the first step in your journey of exploration and curiosity around mental health through building your own coping toolbox filled with skills, resources, and goodies to help you practice healthy ways of regulating your emotions.

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This guide is for exploration, curious, and SELF GROWTH! It's a self-paced workbook used in whatever way you see fit. Filled will tools, worksheets, journal prompts, and more.

the starter pack

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This workbook explore how to include mindful self-care practices into your daily life. It's here to support you in building your inner wisdom and taking care of the many parts of yourself - mind, body, and spirit.

the self care workbook

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Let's connect with your inner child! This workbook supports you as you repair that relationship through resources, tools, journal prompts, guided meditations, coloring pages, affirmations, and more!

the inner child workbook

self exploration

We love a curious queen who wants to learn and grow for herself. These workbooks can help you dive into deeper parts of yourself.

therapy support

Go through the workbooks and bring any sticking points into session with your therapist. I promise they'll appreciate the continued insight.

the in-betweens

Weekly therapy isn't always feasible. These workbooks can support you in the weeks between therapy sessions.

ways to use the workbooks

You're not able to communicate your needs in your relationships.

Setting boundaries is a constant work in progress and it's hard to prioritize yourself.

You're struggling with shame, self-acceptance, and learning to love yourself.

Following through with self-care is extra hard.

You are overwhelmed and/or fatigued from dealing with the day-to-day.

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The self-care workbook has been a game-changer. It's been a crucial tool for helping me identify my needs and nurturing my well-being. I've found more inner peace since using it. Highly recommend!


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We live in such a fast-paced, solution-focused world that we don't always make room for ourselves. Every person is worthy and deserving of reaching their fullest potential - including you. I've focused my career on helping women with perfectionism and body image issues heal their relationship with food, body, self, and significant others.

My goal is to make mental health support and education accessible and affordable. I customized these workbooks with my busy clients in mind so you can level up your ongoing mental health journey anywhere you are. 

These workbooks are designed to empower you to get control of your mental health, and build your confidence to start living the life you desire. Each workbook is filled with activities, reflection questions, and other creative exercises to support your ongoing growth.   

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These workbooks deliver therapeutic lessons and skills in a budget-friendly and time-effective manner. Each workbook is designed on specific mental health topics where  you will receive therapeutic tools, strategies, skills, and exercises to support your independent learning.

 Level up your mental health with down-to-earth professional guidance from a relatable therapist, counselor educator, clinical supervisor, and Licensed Professional!


Think of workbooks as a combo of a psychology class and self-help book. Therapy is a professional relationship with in-depth individualized goals, interventions, feedback, and support. Workbooks are not an appropriate substitute for therapeutic treatment or medical or mental health care. Workbooks are a general educational tool geared towards providing knowledge on specific topics (mindfulness, etc.) and are for educational purposes only. 
You can take what they learn from the workbooks into their therapy sessions or use the materials as homework and extra support between sessions.


You can do them in any order! You can always take a break and return to re-focus on different workbooks at any time. Each workbook complements one other. All the workbooks address specific topics with Not sure where to start? The Starter Pack and the How-To Guide are perfect places to get started on your healing journey. 

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All workbooks are final sale. 


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My workbooks are not therapy. They are not a replacement for therapy and are for informational and educational purposes only. I am a therapist, but this is not a therapeutic relationship. This is vulnerable work, move forward carefully and mindfully. Ensure you are working closely with a mental health professional, a physician, treatment team, and/or support systems to help you through this process if you are doing mental health and trauma work. 



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