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I get it, feelings can be scary. When our anxious thoughts take over our brain space, it leaves little room for the things you love. Your confidence, your friendships, your relationship… all of them are impacted by the narrative inside our brains. You can regain your freedom and build the life you want.

Do you feel stuck? like life would be better if you just knew how to cope better?

I am fully vaccinated and offer both in-person & virtual sessions. Easily book your free 15-minute consultation video call or your first
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Individual + EMDR therapy

These sessions are a safe space to explore your life experiences and pieces of your life that feel most important to focus on. Let’s discover the root of your challenges and create lasting positive change to better navigate forward. 

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Relationships change over time, and sometimes we aren't skilled at communicating our needs & feelings. Utilizing The Gottman Method Couples Therapy, we build a strong relationship foundation, learning tools to express your needs & rekindle that spark with your partner again. 

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Reiki + Chakra

Reiki is a powerful yet gentle system of healing that promotes a deep release of stress promoting a connection between mind, body, and spirit. Reiki clears negative energy or blockages out of your body that hold you back from your highest good, and your life force can flow freely again.  

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We live in such a fast-paced, solution-focused world that we don't always make room for ourselves. Every person is worthy and deserving of reaching their fullest potential - including you. Let’s work together as you build your confidence and the life that you want.

Our negative self talk and unrealistic perfectionistic tendencies can leave us feeling like we're not enough and fearful of fulfilling our passions. That anxiety, fear, indecision, and lack of trust interfere with accessing our authentic self. Together, we can make traction in forward movement toward your goals.

I am most passionate about supporting women struggling with disordered eating, perfectionism, and body image issues heal their relationship with food, body, self, and significant others.  

Ametis bassir, LPc-S, RP

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— persian proverb

He who wants a rose must respect the thorn.

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