Growing up you felt like you were “too much" or told you were "too sensitive." You didn't have room to take up space. So you turned into a good girl, a perfectionist, a people pleaser. Now as an adult, you feel stuck and totally in your head. You’re constantly second guessing yourself, insecure, and can’t put your finger on what’s holding you back. You’re struggling to juggle between what people expect of you and figuring out what you actually want. That’s where I step in…this isn’t your average therapy session. We’re gonna dig deep to feel your feelings and explore your internal experience so you can discover the ethereal beauty inside. 

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I’ve been told in session that I’m like the spunky Blue Caterpillar (fun fact: I'm obsessed with Alice in Wonderland). Direct, always curious, and asking just the right questions. And while we may not end up in Wonderland...we definitely will explore down the rabbit hole together. I am here to hold space for you to feel safe and accepted as we navigate together on your unique path of self discovery. 

I consider myself just the right balance of “woo woo” and realist. I bring warmth, humor, and a no-BS approach to the therapy space. Every person is worthy and deserving of reaching their fullest potential - including you. My goal as a therapist and reiki healer is to assist you in uncovering and bring what's in your unconscious to the surface, so you can gain a deeper understanding of yourself and build the life you want. 


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Reiki + holistic healing

Reiki is a holistic Japanese healing practice through energy work that promotes a deep release of feelings from the body and rebalances our life force. Helping to promote a connection between mind, body, and spirit. Reiki clears negative energy or blockages out of your body that hold you back from your highest good, so your life force can flow freely again.  

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I create a safe container so we can explore your life experiences and uncover pieces of yourself that have yet to be revealed. Let’s bring love to the part of you that’s fearful and has lost hope or faith. Together, we'll dig into the root of your internal blocks so you can start feeling your feelings. 

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Relationships change over time, and sometimes you may struggle with communicating your needs & feelings to your partner. Our work together will focus on helping you understand relational patterns and gain insight into what it takes to have healthy & fulfilling relationships. 

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My values: Authenticity | growth | inclusivity | holistic healing | integrity | humor | Empowerment | curiosity | Sustainability 

I am not accepting new clients who are seeking to file claims with their insurance or their EAP (employee assistance plan). I encourage consideration of filing for out-of-network reimbursement for your sessions which I am happy to provide a receipt (Superbill) for clients. You can also use an HSA/FSA cards to pay for sessions. Please contact your insurance provider for more information about out-of-network coverage based on your specific plan.  

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do you take insurance?

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Psychotherapy is a type of treatment that helps individuals experiencing a wide range of mental challenges and is conducted by someone with at least a masters degree. Reiki is an energy therapy which focuses primarily on opening blockages within the body. Reiki tends to be more holistic and is originally an eastern practice, where traditional talk therapy is a western approach. However, my background and training in both modalities grants me a unique perspective on how to individualize these modalities for my unique clients and their presenting concerns, needs, and goals.  

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Reiki, chakra healing, and tarot/oracle have been used by different cultures for centuries to help individuals gain awareness of themselves. These holistic healing modalities can offer divine wisdom and connection to the spiritual realm, particularly when woven into psychotherapy sessions. This allows us to connect to your intuition and internal trust, in turn helping us become more connected with our authentic selves. Both psychological research, and my own personal experience of practicing, have shown me the effectiveness of how these methods of healing can be a powerful tool towards building the life we want and pursuing what's in our highest good. 

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The actual length varies on several factors: the extent of the symptoms you are experiencing, consistency, active engagement in the process, frequency of sessions, and motivation level. It also varies depending on your individual needs and wants. Ultimately, the goal of treatment is for self-exploration, learning tools to regulate your emotions, and help to build resilience. Research has suggested that roughly half of clients improve within an average of 12 sessions. 

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