the inner child workbook


Inner-child work involves self-discovery that helps you to access the child parts of you and connecting with the emotional experiences that child had. The idea behind inner-child work is that you put forth a focused effort to connect with the unmet needs from our childhood and begin the process of accepting the responsibility (our adult self) for meeting our own needs now. We start to nurture and communicate with those parts of ourselves that needed nurturing and being heard. When we connect and build a relationship with different ages of ourselves (child, teen, etc.), we start to process those experiences and feelings in the practice of re-parenting ourselves in a loving, warm, and compassionate way. 

22 Page Workbook (PDF)

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You can heal from past wounds and start your journey of self-acceptance (this is where the magic happens!). You start to examine past experiences and how they impacted you, feel the feels, and learn ways to show yourself compassion.

You can identify patterns from your childhood that are impacting you in the present (using interactive activities to help you connect with your inner-child and navigate how your past impacts your present) 

You had tools to help connect with your inner-child (help to rebuilding the relationships that matter to you, including the one with yourself!)  

but what if...

You’re having a hard time letting go of the past. You feel stuck in beliefs you learned from your childhood experiences.

You can’t seem to shake off your negative beliefs. You fall down shame spiral rabbit holes and have a hard time accepting your authentic self

You’re experiencing disconnection. Your past gets in the way of creating and maintaining meaningful relationships with yourself and others.

No matter what you try… 

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My workbooks are not therapy. They are not a replacement for therapy and are for informational and educational purposes only. I am a therapist, but this is not a therapeutic relationship. This is vulnerable work, move forward carefully and mindfully. Ensure you are working closely with a mental health professional, a physician, treatment team, and/or support systems to help you through this process if you are doing mental health and trauma work. 



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