the starter pack workbook


Do you have the urge to learn more about yourself but when you open up your journal, your mind goes blank? What kinds of questions do you need to ask yourself? How do you even know what to focus on?! The Starter Pack is your number one resource for starting to explore who you are, you incredible human you.

32 Page Workbook (PDF)

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You start to *date* yourself and get familiar with the many layers of the cool human you are. You get support and prompts along the way to help guide you towards whatever self exploration comes up organically. 

You felt in control of your emotions and life again. You learned strategies to honing strengths about yourself and how those can be helpful and identifying barriers (and how to tackle those). 

You learned steps to get excited (and organized) about setting some goals for yourself AND find out that you can totally crush them!

but what if...

You've heard great things about self exploration but TBH, it scares you a little bit to explore the *true* version of you.

You're a curious queen and don't shy away from the tough questions, but exploring different parts of you seems daunting. 

Therapy is new for you and while you want to do the tough work, you're not sure where to start on the inward reflection.

No matter what you try… 

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bundle all four workbooks and save 20%

My workbooks are not therapy. They are not a replacement for therapy and are for informational and educational purposes only. I am a therapist, but this is not a therapeutic relationship. This is vulnerable work, move forward carefully and mindfully. Ensure you are working closely with a mental health professional, a physician, treatment team, and/or support systems to help you through this process if you are doing mental health and trauma work. 



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