the self care workbook


Self-care involves so many different facets of needs - physical, emotional, mental, social, spiritual, financial. It’s not just bubble baths, facials, and addressing your physical appearance needs. It’s truly about naming and mindfully taking steps towards meeting specific needs. Self-care is all about connecting with yourself in a gentle compassionate way to identify and meet your needs. And knowing that with the seasons of life and transition our needs will shift.

This workbook focuses on: What is self care?, identifying your needs , personal values, and different forms of self-care, barriers to self-care, numbing vs. nurturing, and protecting your self-care practices.

28 Page Workbook (PDF)

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You finally feel worthy of taking care of! Through self-compassion and mindfully meeting your needs, you can shift into affirming how important and worthy of self-care.

You can learn how to prioritize and protect your self-care. You discover different ways to protect your self-care and put yourself first.

You had the tools to help discover your needs. We’ll dig into various tools to help you identify your needs and values. 

but what if...

You’re experiencing guilt and unworthiness (you don’t believe you’re worthy of self care and feel guilty for taking time for yourself). 

You can’t escape the hustle culture of life (aka you aren’t prioritizing the needs of others or other parts of your life and forget about your own needs).

You can’t seem to set boundaries and prioritize yourself. You struggle with navigating your needs and figuring out how to prioritize them regularly.

No matter what you try… 

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My workbooks are not therapy. They are not a replacement for therapy and are for informational and educational purposes only. I am a therapist, but this is not a therapeutic relationship. This is vulnerable work, move forward carefully and mindfully. Ensure you are working closely with a mental health professional, a physician, treatment team, and/or support systems to help you through this process if you are doing mental health and trauma work. 



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