In couples therapy, we’ll explore barriers that prevent you from feeling close. Utilizing Gottman Method, you’ll be guided through productive meaningful conversations and process your feelings to better understand what impacts your relationship.
In marathon couples therapy we dive into processing past unhealed injuries and learn new ways of communicating. You’ll develop skills to deepen your intimacy and manage conflict more effectively. I customize weekend intensives with each couple to meet your unique goals. 

Couples Therapy

Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR) is an evidence-based treatment for trauma & other distressing life experiences. Sometimes these events can cause thoughts, beliefs, images, emotions, or physical sensations to persist long after the threat has passed. It can keeps us from having freedom to think about other things. Rather than focusing on changing the emotions, thoughts, or behaviors resulting from the distressing issue, EMDR allows our brain to resume its natural healing process & resolve unprocessed memories. 


During individual therapy sessions, you’ll have a safe space to explore how your mind is impacting your life. This is where it all comes together. Bringing in your stressors + guidance on coping skills + processing through lived experiences that have gotten you where you are today. 

I’m a body-positive & identity-affirming therapist specializing in young adults & professionals facing anxiety, disordered eating, body image issues, trauma, relationship challenges, perfectionism, depression, and women's issues.

individual therapy

How we can work together

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Shame. Perfectionism. Self-Esteem. Anxiety. Let’s dig deeper into feeling your feelings. 

Communication. Connection. Intimacy. Repair. Let's build your relationship on a solid foundation.  

Trauma. Negative Self-Talk. Distress. Anxiety. Let’s get you unstuck. 

Therapy tailored to your individual needs 

You will experience non-judgment and unconditional acceptance 

Help you create stronger relationships with others in your life 

Help you to explore the deepest parts of yourself

what you can expect
working with me

Authenticity, honesty, and being real is what I'm all about  

You will be treated as the unique and special human being you are

Utilize the therapeutic relationship to gain insights and deeper understandings  

Get you closer to the life you envision for yourself

Use evidence based, scientifically validated, and research supported interventions

Help you build your coping skills toolbox 

Help you to make peace with your thoughts and feelings

Heal for your relationship with food

"I feel safe/secure in my therapy/client relationship with Ametis. I have been In therapy more than 10 yrs and the last 2 yrs with Ametis, I have made more progress in my mental/emotional health. Ametis, you are a God-send." 

"We love Ametis. She is exactly the person we needed to help manage our situation. With her help and guidance, we truly feel stronger as a couple. She has been a blessing, especially through the craziness the epidemic has thrown at us."

"Ametis always summarizes what I’m saying to make sure she understands me and it makes me feel like she really is listening and cares. I have processed trauma from my childhood and am improving with trust in my relationship."

"I like her ability to create a comfortable and open environment. She is a great conversation starter, and it’s easy to express ourselves about anything. Ametis is very welcoming and a great listener."

"Ametis helped my spouse and me reconnect and improve our communication greatly. We've entered a happier, and healthier chapter in our marriage with her assistance."


what clients are saying

I understand life can be hectic and how tough it can be to fit therapy into a busy schedule, yet prioritizing mental health can take some weight off your shoulders. I offer morning, lunchtime, and evening appointments to fit your scheduling needs. 


Although I do not accept insurance, I can provide superbills from sessions that you can submit to your insurance company for out-of-network coverage reimbursement (depending on your insurance plan/coverage).

do you take insurance?

In case of an emergency, you can call any of the following emergency numbers: 911, National Suicide Lifeline 988, United Way Crisis Hotline (713) 228-1505, Harris Center Crisis Unit (713) 970-7000 or go to the nearest hospital emergency room. 

what If I have an emergency?

Therapy is intended to be temporary because the goal is to teach each client tools that will last forever, while helping to build resilience along the way.

HOW LONG WILL the therapy TAKE?

Research has shown that therapy/counseling may contribute to better productivity, increased self-respect, and improved communication. 

Does therapy really work?

Therapy is a process of self-examination, growth of emotional awareness, and clarification of values to name a few. You may come in with wanting specific changes, and if not, we can come up with goals together. 

What can I expect from therapy?

No problem! Not every client is a fit for every therapist, and one of the most important factors is the therapeutic alliance. If you don’t feel a connection with me, I’d be happy to provide referrals for other providers in the community.

what if therapy isn't right for me?

The actual length varies on several factors: the extent of the symptoms you are experiencing, consistency (regular participation in therapy), active engagement in the process, and motivation level. Research has suggested that roughly half of clients improve within an average of 12 sessions. 

How many sessions will I need to feel better?

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